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#Fashion jewelry or #imitation_jewellery has gained considerable significance in the #market because of many reasons. Easy availability, affordable prices, wide variety, trending fashion statement are one of many reasons why imitation jewelry has gained popularity. If worn in the correct manner, fashion jewelry has the capability of changing a simple look into an elegant one.

But, it is also very essential to take care of maintaining jewelry so that it lasts longer. When you spend a hefty amount to buy these wonderful pieces, it is equally important to preserve them carefully. Let’s discuss on a few important tips on how you can maintain your jewelry, that it lasts for a longer period.

1. Keep your jewelry tarnish free by keeping them dry

Always remove your #artificial jewelry before washing or cleaning laundry and even before bathing. The cleaning agents have chemicals, which can fade away the color of the jewelry and its polish. So keep them as dry as you can.

Also, avoid in the swimming pools as the chlorinated water can damage the color. Never apply perfumes lotions after wearing your jewelry because they can react with the metals and may tarnish them. Always remember, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

2. Store your fashion accessories properly.

It is important to know the ways you store your #jewellery so that it’s shine and appearance looks great for years.

Keep your #jewellery properly arranged in a nice jewelry box or any other closed box. You can also use velvet or other pouches to store your jewelry. Make sure the pieces don’t tangle with each other which may result in spoiling the accessories.
Use anti-tarnish paper or butter paper to wrap the jewelry before keeping in the box. You can also use eyeglass cloth to wrap the same. It helps in keeping the jewelry free from scratches.
Try to avoid contact with air while storing the fashion jewelry. Many jewelry pieces tend to lose its shine when they are frequently exposed to air, especially moist air. So try to keep in airtight boxes or use ziplock plastic bags to store them.

3. Clean your jewelry carefully

Avoid using wet tissues and sticky cloth to clean your fashion accessories. The cologne and other agents present in the tissues may damage them. They may get scratches. Use a dry damp cotton cloth to clean the dust on the jewelry. You can use cotton buds and extra soft toothbrushes for the same.

4. Storing extra delicate ornaments

Take extra care to store very delicate ornaments like jewelry made of crystal or glass or sensitive stones. Preserve them in good layers of cotton so that they don’t break.

Just take good care of your lovely jewelry even while wearing and removing, so that you can enjoy the charm of your favorite ornaments for a longer period. Hope these tips prove beneficial to you to preserve your accessories.

Keep pampering your fabulous #jewellery!!!

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